The Trout Lake Fiber Arts Festival is coming this summer on June 8 and 9. Discover and engage with the different forms and creativity of the fiber arts. Activities for all ages and skill level!

Saturday will be filled with creative demonstrations and hands-on activities at different venues in the Trout Lake Valley. All events are open to all ages and everyone is welcome!


Spinning Circle Demonstration

9 – 4 pm | Trout Lake Grange

It is a spinner’s delight to share their artistry.  You can watch loose fiber become very thin or very thick yarn depending on what the spinner is going to create.  Spinning is one of the most ancient of textile arts.  It is the drawing out of fibers and twisting them together to form thread or yarn.  Spinning fiber has been practiced for thousands of years.


Knit in Public Day

9 – Noon & 1 – 4 pm | Trout Lake Grange

Happening concurrently with the Trout Lake Fiber Arts Festival. You don’t need to bring anything, including experience! Grab a pair of knitting needles and help us “knit bomb” the Grange. You can either knit away or get some help trying out your first stitches. All
ages are welcome. A $10 donation will get you a kit to take home and start knitting a purple baby hat for “Click for Babies” charity (up to 20 kits).

knit in public day


Shibori & Indigo Dyeing

9:30 – 11 am | Trout Lake Grange

Indigo is among the oldest natural dyes used for textiles and shibori is a Japanese resist technique for making patterns on fabric. Join in playing and combining these two techniques to create beautiful designs. You will be able to create a scarf, pair of napkins, or tea towel. The cost of this activity is $10 and limited to 10 people. Limited availability. Reserve your spot now.



Fleece to Shawl

8:30 am – 12:30 pm | Meadowrock Alpacas

Fleece to Shawl is a contest where teams made up of up to six members, one being the weaver with the rest carding and spinning the warp for the shawl being woven all within four hours.  Raffle tickets for the finished shawls will be on sale at the Festival costing 2/$5 and 5/$10.  Proceeds will be divided between the Fiber Arts Festival (20%) and the team that created the hand-woven shawl (80%).  Everyone wins!

fleece to shawl

Photo credit: Mark Pynes | 2016 Pennsylvania State Farm Show.


Alpaca Tour

10:30 am – 11 am & 1:30 – 2 pm | Meadowrock Alpacas

Alpaca Educational Tours take you out to meet the alpaca.  You will learn about their uniqueness and why we raise them. $7.50, under 5 free, must be accompanied by an adult.

alpaca educational tour


Rock Felting

1 – 2 pm | Meadowrock Alpacas

Rock Felting is a fun way to create your very own pouch by taking natural fiber and felting it around a rock.  You will be instructed each step of the way.  When your rock is felted, the instructor(s) will cut a slit to remove the rock and you will take your pouch home with you. Donations accepted.



Weaving Wall Hanging Activity

10 am – Noon | Trout Lake Grange

Express your creativity and make a cheerful piece of art to hang on your wall. Use a simple loom and choose fibers of various colors and textures, recycled and new materials, to weave an interesting 8 X 10 wall hanging.  You will be introduced to basic weaving techniques and tools. This is a fun project for kids and adults. Donations accepted.

**Please note there is not an ATM available in the area and not all vendors have the ability to accept credit cards.


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