Here is the list of artists for the 2015 Festival

Gallery of some of our artists’ work here

Annala, Carl/  Oil Pastel

Arnold, Sarah Burr/    Jewelry

Bishop, Paul/  Arcylic Paintings, Pillows

Brewer, Aimee Herring/ Ceramics

Brown, Norman/  Wooden Bowls

Brunkow, David/ Photography

Burkhart, Margaret Mary/ Mosaics

Casal, Paul & Lynne/    Metal Art

Cimina, Lindsay/ Photography

DeFreece, Ardis/  Oil Painting

DePretto, Linda & Keith/  Wood Clocks, Mirrors

Diem, James/  Ceramics

Elmer, Ernie & Penny Neimi/ Beaded Jewelry

Farrer, Patricia/ Glass Lampwork

Ingalls, Christine/ Glass Bead Jewelry

Lewis, Lynn & Lois Fry/  Towels

McCarthy, Toni/  Jewelry

McLaughlin, Mike/  Pottery

Merrickel, Abigail/  Prints

Moen, Deborah/ Stoneware Pottery

Moonbeam, Judee/  Fiber

Moszeter, Cliff and Beth/  Gourds and Baskets

Muir, Jan/  Oil & Watercolor

Paulas, Helen/  Silk Scarves

Poirier, Beth/ Handwoven Linens & Scarves

Quinn, Sachiko/ Batik

Reuther, Anita/  Watercolor & Mixed Media

Sandford, Rowena/  Painting

Scheradella, Jim & Robin/  Jewelry & Drawings

Scrivens, Michael/  Pottery & Tiles

See, Elizabeth/  Oil Painting

Semmes, Todd & Kathy/  Textiles & Woodworking

Sheldon, Ron/  Copper & Watercolor

Sherburne, David/  Mixed Media

Sloth, Karen/ Handpainted Glassware

Sturman, Bill/  Watercolor

Talley, Jim/ Wood Spoons & Cutting Boards

VanZant King, Charlotte/  Prints

Watne, Kathryn/  Cloissone Enamel Jewelry & Wall Pieces

White, Bonnie/  Watercolor